About Mindfire_

Mindfire has two goals.


To build a platform that connects talented individuals from across the globe in a collective intelligence network.

Mindfire aims to create the world’s most powerful collective intelligence network in order to solve challenges for businesses and scientific organisations. We call these challenges Quests — complex problems that can be solved through the power of collaborative thinking. Each Quest is coordinated by a project leader or Quest Master. Although Quests are very diverse, they have one common purpose — to make the world a better place through collective intelligence.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is at the core of Mindfire. We firmly believe that by combining human creativity from different backgrounds with AI, there are few problems that can’t be solved. The Mindfire platform gives everybody a chance to have a real impact and become part of a powerful collective intelligence network. Anyone can launch their own Quest, or apply to solve an existing Quest and share in the rewards.

The Mindfire Platform is ideally positioned to cater to the future of work: Forming interdisciplinary project teams to solve specific challenges with a reward connected to value added.

A Mindfire Talent

Mindfire Mission 1: Our Quest to create human-level AI to empower and not replace humankind.


To expand the frontiers of AI to empower humans.

In a world where technology is increasingly thinking for us, we want a form of AI that empowers us to think more creatively and profoundly. Instead of AI designed to make some humans rich, we want AI that enriches humanity and amplifies human potential.

The Mindfire Foundation
was founded in Switzerland, home to many international co-operations, and some of the world's leading scientific, environmental and economic organisations. Mindfire builds upon the Swiss values of responsibility and trust, and refers to a proven track record as a hub for groundbreaking science, technology and philanthropy.

Established in July 2017, the Mindfire Foundation initially selected talents and experts from thousands of applications worldwide to meet in Davos for Mindfire Mission 1. A mission dedicated to one objective: To work collaboratively towards understanding the principles that govern human intelligence.

We are committed to developing a powerful, humancentric form of AI to address complex scientific challenges facing humanity.

Together with other scientific institutions and researchers, the Mindfire Foundation commissions AI-related quests on the Mindfire Platform.

Pascal Kaufmann, Founder of the Mindfire Foundation

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