Connecting Minds Worldwide_

Launch a Quest


It all starts with a Quest. A complex challenge set by someone who wants to enlist other talented minds to help solve it.

This individual is known as a Quest Master. The Quest Master sets up the Quest by clearly defining the challenge, what needs to be achieved, and the required time frame.

The Quest Master will also offer a reward to those community members who help solve the Quest.

Join a Team


The Mindfire community sees the Quest posted on the platform and rises to the challenge.

Individual members with various skill sets, backgrounds and experience levels from around the world apply for the Quest by providing insights into how they would contribute to solving the challenge.

Solve the Quest


The Quest Master reviews the applicants and selects the ideal interdisciplinary Quest Team.

Under the Quest Master’s supervision, the selected team members collaborate remotely or onsite according to their own hours to collectively solve the Quest.

Get Rewarded


Once the Quest has been solved within the given time frame, the Quest Master distributes the reward amongst the Quest Team members. The size of each team member’s share is decided based on their individual contribution.

The result? A problem solved. Another step taken towards a brighter future, together.

A note on rewards:
Rewards are not just about money. They can be any real or intangible benefit that a Quest Master feels is a fair reward for helping to solve the Quest.  

Start your own Quest and benefit from collective intelligence_

Launch a Quest