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Add a verification component to the Swiss Corona tracking app



The actual challenge – AVOIDING MISUSE

Imagine, someone plays around and just wants to see what happens if they intentionally or accidentally mark themselves as being positively diagnosed with the Corona virus. This would bias the numbers and go at the costs of the validity and responsibility of the entire app community and trigger unnecessary actions and fear amongst those wrongfully alerted by the system.

Now imagine doctors and labours had a different app which assigned a unique code to each positive test result and was delivered to the person associated with that positive test. The person could then input this unique code (which shall only be used once) in the app and wrong submissions would be impossible to occur.


At the moment, we're all on lock down to make sure, that we don't infect each other with the Corona virus. Soon, these extreme measures will stop, and we can slowly follow our 'normal' lives again. However, to keep the infection rate low, in the near and far future, we will have to be able to reliably track Corona cases, and inform those we have been near a person who was diagnosed with the virus. Every account on the app would access location data and therefore know your approximate distance to a positive person, while being fully anonymous. For that purpose Governments will recommend the download of a tracing app. This app will enable all of us to be up to date about new infections, and above all, new infections in our close proximity that we should be aware of (someone we shared a tram with, someone who was at the kiosk at the same time as us etc). However, there is an element missing in this brilliant app!

Sought After Skills

  • Frontend & Backend skills
  • Mobile app skills (native IOS / Android)
  • API know how


Be part of a great team and create a contribution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Additional Information

Check out this article about Apple and Google building a coronavirus tracking system into iOS and Android

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Lisa-Christina Winter

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Apr 22, 2020
May 4, 2020
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