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Establishing Global AI Mission Control in the Swiss Alps run by Citizen Scientists



Let us work together – What is Needed to establish a Global AI Mission Control (GAMC) in the Swiss Alps run by Citizen Scientists?

The City of Davos partners with the Mindfire foundation which conducted “Mindfire Mission-1” in Davos in 2018, uniting talents from all over the world envisioning a breakthrough in the understanding of the principles of intelligence, see here.

The following questions and challenges need to be addressed through a short presentation (20’, format free to be chosen):

1.    Persona: Description of the ideal Citizen Scientist (CS)

2.    Daily Life and Collaboration: Description of one workweek at the GAMC

3.    Motivation and Incentives: Reasons for being part of the GAMC

4.    Work Infrastructure and Environment: Needs and nice to have for the CS 

5.    Life and Logistics: Design of Remuneration, hosting, F&B, Leisure and Pleasure

6.    Science & Learning: How to keep pace with CES[1], bringing up to speed, assignment of work

7.    CS Life Cycle: How to select, onboard, develop, deboard and retain the community

8.    Communication & Public buy-in: How to position, communicate and dialogue with the public 

9.    Davos as the location for the GAMC: SWOT Analysis, proposal for Mayor of the City of Davos

[1] CES: Cutting Edge of Science


Creativity, curiosity, and perseverance – Amplifying what makes us truly human

Creativity, curiosity, and perseverance is the fire that guides human progress and that can solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Humankind’s ability for scientific discovery and breakthrough inventions has never been greater.

However, critical know-how is scattered among billions of individual minds globally who are overwhelmed by the vast ocean of existing know-how and insights brought forth throughout human history. Our biological upbringing, the tedious passing of know-how and our individual human intelligence is not keeping pace with today’s grand challenges.


Artificial Intelligence – A powerful tool for humankind

The 4th Corona wave is hitting us, the climate crisis reaches new heights, the social fabric is at peak tension. New solutions and new visions are needed for society. Therefore, Davos seeks to build Global Mission Control for the development of Artificial Intelligence for humankind. Ultimately people are empowered through the acceleration of science, R&D and human progress commencing a new golden age for all people.


Davos – The Science City in the Alps

Well known for hosting the World Economic Forum since 1971, Davos also has a very good reputation as a research location. Among experts, Davos' strong brand is based on the innovative aura of the established research institutes in the Landwasser Valley. The Davos-based education and research institutes stand for a globally leading performance and generate research assignments from all over the world.

The research and education institutes represent an essential cornerstone for the regional economy, they stand for much more than just an important reputation factor. Davos trusts in the future generations and educates them on-site, attracting highly qualified staff and their families to Davos.


"Davos is a unique place, where urban culture and rural tradition come together surrounded by a marvelous alpine landscape that offers many opportunities for sports and recreation. An inspiring oasis for research and innovation, where work and life are in perfect balance."

>> Portrait of Davos

>> Research in Davos

>> VIDEO: Davos is very well connected in the world

>> ARTICLE: Davos is very well connected in the world


Mindfire – decoding the mind for humankind

Mindfire identifies and unites great minds to tackle the principles of intelligence. Embracing diversity and citizen science, multidisciplinary communities of talented individuals span fields ranging from computer science to mathematics, physics, neuroscience, robotics and beyond. By combining human creativity with latest collaboration technology, there are few problems that can’t be solved.


Sought After Skills

  • Interest and background in AI research and development and associated societal challenges and opportunities
  • Age 15y+ onwards, pre-master’s degree or more preferred
  • Familiar with state-of-the-art collaboration and communication technology
  • Understanding of different cultures, interested in people, international experience
  • Proven project management skills
  • Entrepreneurial attitude, ideally with experience in start-ups or tech related companies
  • Experience in HR and people related topics is a plus


The talent reward is based on a joint decision by a committee constituted by representatives of Davos, Mindfire and independent young talents.

The winning team will be awarded a week of room and board and outdoor ski/hike pass in Davos. The mayor of Davos and the Mindfire leadership team will meet the winning team and give them a tour of the city, share a meal, and further discuss the MCC vision.

Additional Information

When the teams are formed, Mindfire will host an intro session to describe the vision, the work, and the milestones for the next five years. The technologies and collaboration platforms available will also be reviewed.

Part 1: ideation, analysis, experience, and 1st ideas to establish a global AI-Lab and what the talents may expect from being part of the GAMC in Davos.

All findings will be shared in a joint meeting across teams before Part 2. The jury will provide guidance on which aspects to address in the 2nd part and decides which teams make it into the second round.


9 September - 13 October 2021

The Quest is split into two parts, with the following timelines

Part 1

  • Initial analysis running 2 weeks and starting with common kick-off meeting on 9 September 2021
  • Submission of findings and proposals 22 September 2021
  • Presentation of findings and proposals 23 September 2021

Part 2

  • Final case running two weeks starting 28 September 2021 with half-term review and workshop with Mindfire/Talents on how to go forward
  • Submission of final results on 12 October 2021
  • Selection of winning team(s) and pricing ceremony on 13 October 2021

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We encourage our community to contribute ideas, questions, answers. You can also add videos, useful links, code snippets or anything else that may be useful to solving the quest.

Posts should always be related to the above-mentioned quest. Please do not submit any marketing links or inappropriate content.

Valérie Favre Accola & Philipp Wilhelm

Valérie Favre Accola, regional developer of the region Prättigau/ Davos, parliaments member of the Grosser Rat Graubünden (State parliament). Born 1973 in Fribourg, raised in Davos, studied German literature and philosophy at the University in Fribourg. Lives with her family (husband Paul, three adult and teenager kids) in the centre of Davos. Philipp Wilhelm, major of the municipality of Davos since 2021, parliaments member of the Grosser Rat Graubünden (State parliament). Born 1989 in Davos, raised in a small mountain village called Monstein with 200 inhabitants an on 1619 metres above sea-level and lives today together with partner Mara in Davos centre. Philipp studied architecture at the ETH Zurich.

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