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Make Swiss Re a Digital Leader and Employer of Choice for Tech Talent.



In order to successfully transform into a truly tech- and data-led risk knowledge company, Swiss Re must consistently attract top tech talent.

The mission of this quest is to make Swiss Re an employer of choice for talents in the fields of cloud, digital, cyber and data. The considerations to build an efficient strategy to succeed in achieving this mission include:

  • What content attracts cloud, digital, cyber, and data talent? (I.e., What are the hot topics these people are interested in, what are they researching, what excites them?)
  • On what platforms do these talents engage? (I.e., Where can we find them /how can we reach them)
  • What motivates cloud, digital, cyber, and data talents to choose one employer over another?
  • What intrinsic values of a company attract cloud, digital, cyber, and data talents, and how do we embody these and advertise them as our own?


Swiss Re is known as one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance, insurance, and other forms of risk transfer, with deep risk knowledge accumulated over more than 150 years and strong client relationships. Our vision is to make the world more resilient, which is a purpose that our employees strongly identify with. Employees thrive on seeing the impact of their ideas on the business and society at large and are driven by a deep sense of purpose and the collaborative culture that surrounds them.

Being at the helm of a constantly evolving industry, Swiss Re is amid a transformation to become a tech and data-led risk knowledge company. In order to stay at the forefront of digital transformation, we aim to provide state-of-the-art tech solutions that address our clients' needs and position us well in the market. To do this, we rely on brilliant minds from around the world working for us. So, our aim is to raise awareness of Swiss Re amongst these talents and attract them to our team.

What we need from you are ideas, suggestions, strategies on how we can consistently attract the top tech talents to Swiss Re on a global level.

Sought After Skills

  • Tech Background
  • In-depth knowledge of the different platforms used by Tech Talents (StackOverflow, GitHub, etc)
  • Extensive global network of successful people in Tech
  • Understanding the trend of how the target group is changing its demographic
  • Understanding of different cultures
  • Understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of our target group
  • Strategic mindset
  • Understanding of big corporations
  • Understanding and use of social media for recruitment purposes
  • HR background
  • Marketing & Comms experience and skills


5'000 CHF for the best research results

10'000 CHF for the winning team(s) with the best strategy

Additional Information


  • Research period: 3 weeks (15.4 – 6.5.2021)
  • Submission of findings in ppt format plus 1 pager: May 6, 2021
  • Strategy creation based on openly sharing all submissions: 3 weeks (10.5. - 31.5.2021)
  • Submission of strategy proposals: May 30, 2021


In order to be attractive, the first step is to be known. The deliverables of the Quest team are as follows:

Sprint 1

  • Individuate what characteristics define a Top Tech Talent (TTT) and source the data that proves what motivates them to work for their company of choice. Specifically what we would like to know is what employment / engagement models these TTT would prefer? I.e.:  
  1. Would they prefer to work as contractor to test the water with an option for get hired after a certain time / milestone etc.?
  2. What about flexible work models (part-time contract, fixed-duration contract)allowing them to do other things in parallel (board mandates, act as investor etc.)
  3. Would they prefer to join in a team of x rather as an individual?
  4. What are the incentives / compensation models they would prefer? I.e.:

            o  Partial IP rights they would own?

            o  Virtual /synthetic shares on the projects they work on?

            o  Partial compensation in cryptocurrencies?  

  • Source Data on how the TTTs demographic is expected to change in the future
  • Source Data on how the TTTs get recruited by their employers of choice
  • Source Data on how TTTs first become aware of an company and the journey in between their 1st awareness and the moment they consider them as possible employer

After the first sprint, all participating teams will receive the chance to share their method and research results with one another. Based on individual team results, the jury will decide on reward distribution for Phase I. Moreover, the jury will determine, which teams will be invited to Phase II.

Sprint 2

  1. Based on trend development studies, put together a projection for the next 3 years of what the TTTs will be looking for in an employer.
  2. Create a a simulation of different future scenarios based on the trend projections, to generate eventual Use Cases
  3. Devise a global 18 months-strategy of how to raise awareness for SR in the global Tech Talent pool
  4. Define how to measure the success

Join the discussion

We encourage our community to contribute ideas, questions, answers. You can also add videos, useful links, code snippets or anything else that may be useful to solving the quest.

Posts should always be related to the above-mentioned quest. Please do not submit any marketing links or inappropriate content.

Giulia Paone

Branding & Events Lead, Group Technical Services, Swiss Re

With a background in events, an in-depth understanding of customer experiences, and strong project management skills, I was assigned to the Employer Branding project as a facilitator. Having the chance to work on such an impactful project which will change the way Swiss Re is perceived by Tech Talents on a global scale, is so exciting and fills me with pride. So far I have already collected data from our in-house Tech Talents to get a holistic view of the problem we are trying to solve and to coordinate exchanges between the Task Force assigned to come up with strategies and solutions to that problem.

Quest Details
Quest HQ:
Quest Period:
Apr 15, 2021
May 31, 2021
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