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The mission of this quest is to transcend the current learning landscape. Since the medieval age, learning has been conceived through broadcast education. Join me to change this. New technology and tracking of data allows us to do better. Mapping content in a mind-map-like fashion allows us to not think in lists/curricula, but to conceive learning as the complex cloud of knowledge it truly is. We are able to see relationships we couldn’t. Over the past months, my company has mapped a classic entrepreneurship education program in different bits of content pieces and are now interested in learning how to best steer individuals through this cloud of knowledge. In exchange for providing our rudimentary learning map, I would be interested in designing an optimal database setup to create an algorithm that based on personal preferences, personal strengths/weakness and personal learning behaviour rearranges the optimal setup of the learning map for a particular individual. This task is especially challenging because it goes beyond classic data-science. It requires out of the box thinking, background research and understanding of basic web development.

After familiarising yourself with our learning map, there are no boundaries in terms of breadth of the solution. However, it should at least entail the following:

  • A learning content aggregation model (which scrapes content from Coursera, Udacity and the likes)
  • A preference discovery model including: A list with data that should be tracked including but not limited to data about: individual preferences, personal strengths/weakness, in-app activity, social media activity and previous educational data; while the first two can be tracked through questionnaires, the latter has to be tracked online while individuals are using the learning map
  • The data type from a programming and statistical perspective of each of the list items from the aforementioned categories
  • An initial draft of the learning algorithm and its architecture, including but not limited to the (machine learning) area chosen


EWOR is a school that focusses on challenge-based learning. During the past months, the school has run several programs for its first product: An innovation education program that requires learners to found and run their own companies in order to complete it. The school is primarily data-driven and focusses on optimising the individual learning journey of each learner.

Sought After Skills

If there is a CTO-like team leader who can take on the lead for this project, we would be grateful.

Skills that are strongly desired:

  • Data science
  • Basic programing

Skills that are a plus:

  • Skills in pedagogy
  • Skills in psychology
  • Skills in philosophy


Invitation to join the EWOR data science team

Additional Information

Check out this website about a school without any teachers, curricula or exams. They believe in a challenge-driven learning approach that helps you learn by solving challenges. Daniel is founder of EWOR.

Here you can check out the website of Kairos.

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Daniel Dippold


Daniel is a passionate entrepreneur, who has founded multiple tech and ecosystem ventures. He’s been named Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s top talent under 25, is a TEDx speaker, Global Shaper and a frequent advisor to governments and larger corporations. Currently, Daniel oversees the Kairos Society in Europe as its president, a community, summit and ‘impact amplifier’ of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs which have achieved an aggregate valuation of over 10 billion Euros. Kairos Europe counts over 80 full-time and part-time workers and is supported by personalities such as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson.

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Great Britain
Quest Period:
May 6, 2020
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