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Build a virtual hyperloop network simulation to find the ideal test route



Right now, we see a lot of Start Ups in this field but except from short test tracks and a few signed agreements we don’t see much going on for years.

Join me in my Quest to build a virtual hyperloop network simulation to find the ideal route for a first test track and to proof the potential of such a network.

You should develop a simulation of a possible hyperloop network and find the best routes for connecting the biggest cities in the world.

The findings of this Quest will be open for the public and help understanding the challenges of such a network.


Hyperloop is to this point the only true alternative mean of transport to airplanes.

If we want to reduce the huge amount of CO2 emissions produced by airplane travel, we don’t only need to make the airplanes more efficient but also ask ourselves whether we should develop other means of transport.

Hyperloop is a sealed tube or system of tubes through which a pod may travel free of air resistance or friction conveying people or objects at high speeds while being very efficient, thereby drastically reducing travel times over medium-range distances.

This hypothetical high-speed mode of transportation would have the following characteristics: immunity to weather, collision free, twice the speed of a plane, low power consumption, and energy storage for 24-hour operations.


Stefan Michael Kaspar

When I first heard of the Hyperloop concept, I fell in love with the idea of highspeed transportation with low air resistance, almost no friction and fewer emissions. That’s why I joined the ETH Zurich’s HyperloopTeam” Swissloop” in fall 2018.

During the season 2018/2019 we developed a double sided linear induction motor, a custom inverter and our own battery management system for our pod “Claude Nicollier”.

In July we placed 2nd at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition in Los Angeles and won the innovation award for our motor and inverter.

Sought After Skills

  • Data Scientist skills
  • Civil Engineer skills
  • Geologist skills
  • Mechanical Engineer skills
  • Electrical Engineer skills


Invitation to a test drive of a Hyperloop Pod.

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Stefan Kaspar


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Feb 24, 2020
Dec 12, 2020
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