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Reduce the food waste of Switzerland



The Äss-Bar itself still has bread and baked goods left at the end of a day's sale. Only a small part of which is still being processed at the moment. The goal of this quest is to reduce the food waste quantity further.  For this reason the Äss-Bar wants to achieve two things in the scope of this quest.

  1. Come up with and evaluate alternative processes, which can be applied to further use the leftovers.
  2. Develop a distribution algorithm, which allocates the leftovers to the different processes.


Everybody is talking about food waste: Shaken up by the shocking fact that 1/3 of all Swiss food ends up in waste, consumers and producers are increasingly concerned about the current foodwaste. This is where Äss-Bar comes in: In cooperation with various bakeries, special sales outlets sell baked goods and patisserie from the day before at a greatly reduced price.


The Äss-Bar has a new assortment everyday: whatever our bakery partners don't sell, will be on sale in our shops for another day the following day. So everything is "fresh from yesterday"!

Sought After Skills

  • logistic skills
  • creativity
  • food technologist skills
  • data science skills


Each team member receives a sweet pastry subscription for 1 year (1 sweet pastry per day).

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Nadja Zenbauer


I am the Marketing Manager at Ässbar.

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Quest Period:
Feb 22, 2020
Jun 1, 2020
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